Thursday, 1 July 2010

X is for eXcited (OH YES IT IS!!)

I can't help it! I know it's still four weeks away, but I'm getting Tiggerishly excited! I just want the next two weeks to fly past like lightning so that I can savour the last minute preparations and then actually be there!!

Weird aren't I! Other people get eXcited about going on holiday to eXotic foreign places, but I'm tingling about the thought of driving 47 miles, just into the next county, to set up my tent on an agricultural showground, meet up with very special friends and do lots 'n' lots 'n' lots of work in a week and a half.

I can't wait to see this...

and this...

but we don't want too much of this!

What is it I am so eXcited about?

It's called New Wine North and East, it's a Christian family conference attracting around 6,000 delegates, it's packed full of events and activities for all ages, it's full of the presence of the living God and, once again, I have the privilege of serving on the Stewarding team in the Radio Control Office which is full-on hard work, but also about as much fun as it is possible for one body to handle!

... and counting!

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  1. Lucky you I would so love to go to New wine this year not been for 16 years . My seperated from husband did not consider it a holiday so never went back.
    Unfotunatley when your going through divorce finaces don't stretch. I hope you have a great time and that it is not a washout. Sorry re read this it sounds like I am full of self pity I am not I am very thankful for how God is leading me through the seperation. How people manage without God as number 1 in their lives I do not know . Good blog

  2. Have a great time!...........and then come back and tell us all about it!

  3. I'm not going to mention the word cheat because this is an eXcellent post! Hope you have a great time!

  4. Have a great time and enjoy the excitement.

  5. Fun hearing someone who is this eXcited! Wishing you an eXcellenT time!

  6. how cool for you! Iwill keep my fingers X'd that you don't get rain!

  7. hope you have a great time :D

  8. Oh my. What an Xciting stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "X"!

    I can feel the enthusiasm in your writing and it makes me want to come along, too!

    This sounds like such a neat Xperience for everyone involved.

    I hope the days tick by quickly for you!

    Thank you for linking up. Your posts are always Xstra special!


  9. Sounds like you and your whole family are in for some fun and spirituality. My favorite combo!


  10. This looks like a great event. I hope everything goes smoothly.

  11. It ia a joy to read a post about someone who is happy about doing something of a spiritual nature together with other people.
    Hope you and your family have a good time!
    Best wishes,

    Anna's X-words

  12. That's great! Have a fabulous time!

  13. Have an exceptionally exciting time :) !

  14. I know that you will have a s wonderful time, it's sounds like something that you have been looking forward to all year!

  15. If I can make these cupcakes, anyone can.

  16. You probably won't get the last picture this I'm not going! It always rains when I go.

  17. How wonderful! Sounds like you worked hard to get there.

  18. How funny, I chose eXcited too. Majority rules, so it counts :) Have a wonderful time and make sure you post about it on your return! Kat

  19. Sounds like a good time. Have fun!

  20. have a wonderful time!

  21. I too was in the X class...
    Please drop in when you can for my X-Post
    ~Excursion of Xeranthemum~
    on my blog here:

    Isn't Ms Jenny the best?
    So nice to meet you~and when two or more are gathered...
    It becomes an even more stellar event :)
    Have a great and safe time...
    Hope you share this time with us :)

  22. Sounds like a blast! New Wine...hope they don't put it in old skins:-) Peace and journey...

  23. Wow. It sounds very special. Hope you have a wonder-full time, hard work and all.

  24. I'm excited for you! Although I don't have religious beliefs, I feel very strongly about all of our spiritual beliefs. (I know you knew that and thanks for your prayers for my sister.)

    Whenever a group of like-minded spiritual and religious folks come together, the energy is electrifying. I can't wait to hear all about this miraculous occasion.

  25. Oh! This sounds very eXciting! Hope that you have a wonderful time (& without any water puddles!) What a blessing to be part of a ministry spreading God's Word!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (I am finally getting to some more great X posts!)