Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Day trip to Cumbria 5 - Meals on Wheels

After leaving the railway line, we climbed up and under the A66, which had curved round to track our progress. It was at this point, that we first encountered the quad bike riding shepherd.

Generally, sheep are running the other way or being driven by dogs. These sheep obviously *knew*...

'High protein feed delivered to your field' - I wonder if they order online.

A little further round the fell side, we once again came across our quad-biker, This time he was delivering hay to Herdwicks. The recipients seemed just as grateful and were quick to start tearing at the broken bales, pulling out great mouthfuls which dangled like uncut beards. 


  1. Their gorgeous - and I enjoyed that little clip.
    Yesterday, on my way from one office to another I stopped by a seaside field where lambs and ewes were lounging and feeding in the sunshine. It made my day!

  2. Fast food drive thru ! So cute.
    it looks and sound cold .
    I know it was the wind but it sounded like thunder and rain to me at first.

    Cheers, parsnip

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