Monday 9 September 2013

Whitby last - 'Pirates'

Obviously powered by diesel engine and definitely built for the tourist trade, this pirate ship still made quite a sight chugging up the Esk...

...sweeping round in front of the lifeboat and pulling up at the pier.

Though the sailor on lookout seemed less than impressed!

Saturday 7 September 2013

Whitby 4 - Peephole

Whitby is full of quirky corners!

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Whitby 3 - The harbour

Whitby Harbour lies at the mouth of the River Esk and is responsible for shaping the town as an historic fishing and maritime port. Still a thriving fishing centre, Whitby cod is renowned throughout the country. 

It was in Whitby that James Cook began his seamanship training as apprentice to brothers John and Henry Walker, eventually becoming a trusted seafarer, joining the Royal Navy and Captaining the Endeavour (a Whitby built ship) on her voyages of exploration; circumnavigating the globe in both directions, mapping New Zealand and crossing the Antarctic Circle.

Those sea vessels of old, plying the trade routes and carrying explorers to far flung corners of the earth, have been replaced by a myriad pleasure craft. In the calm waters of the harbour, tall-masted sailing boats rub shoulders with the less elegant but business-like working boats.

And the densely packed houses glow in the late afternoon sunlight.