Thursday 28 January 2010


Tissington village, after which the trail is named, is a local honey pot which attracts a sizeable number of visitors each year. That being the case, you might expect the local livestock to be a little more blase about large groups of people wandering by.

It would appear not! These particular locals seemed as fascinated by the twenty-four children, as the twenty-four children were by them!


  1. It's amazing how curious some creatures do remain about people and things...
    Children (whatever their age!) can be like that too =)
    ... of course it could just be the hope of there being food =D

    How long it took you to to get the camera angle to capture the calf "wire-walking" I can only guess

  2. Erm - thinks 'Do I admit that the wire-walking calf was purely accidental, or do I pretend that I angled the camera with a great deal of care?'

    @ Sacristan : You wouldn't believe how long I stood waiting to line up the perfect angle on that shot! :p