Thursday 27 September 2012


This is the Leeds Cornmarket; rather more spectacular than the Derby equivalent!

As you can see, it has been refurbished to accommodate a series of small shops, both upstairs and down, with a restaurant sitting in the bowels.

The arched doorways, the wrought ironwork around the balcony and the graceful curve of the staircases all speak of elegance; a building made to be beautiful as well as functional.

Notice the tied sheaves of corn, either side of the clock.

and the glasswork in the roof.

The photo on the stairs shows the historic setting of the Cornmarket and you can see those two huge windows in the roof.

You'd never guess it was Jubilee year :)


  1. What a beautiful building Helen. I have a niece lives near Derby but I have never been to that building - must go next time I visit.

  2. I was in Leeds for a night a couple of weeks ago, but missed seeing this building. It was a bit of a whirlwind pass-through involving airport, train station etc, but I enjoyed my poke around in the early morning. I'd have loved a walk around the Cornmarket.

  3. Recognised it at once, we enjoyed exploring the cornmarket too on our visits to Leeds, passing through on Tacet.

  4. What a beautiful building !
    I would love to visit.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Wow ! that's really a very beautiful building !

  6. I'd never heard of a corn market before so being a good little researcher I found a site that not only details the transactions that used to take place here, but also describes when and how this 'new' building built. It's a gorgeous place with a grand history.

    And no, I would never have guessed it was Jubilee year. ;-)

  7. You'll be able to figure out where to add the missing words in my comment, right?