Tuesday 18 December 2012

Eco pod at Rydal Hall

I thought it would be a bit cold for camping when I went up to see Mark last weekend, so I compromised and spent the night in an eco pod.

With no heating or electricity, I did wonder if it'd be a chilly experience, but it turned out to be the warmest night for ages at a mild 6 degrees C, so I was toasty in my thick sleeping bag.

This was the early morning view with the sun lighting up the now snow-less fellside.

 and the sheep grazing peacefully.


  1. Much better than a tent! You must have been very cosy.

  2. We've seen some of those around on our travels. I think I'd prefer that to a tent nowadays and especially at this time of year.

  3. Very sensible and Hobbit like =D

    I love that last photo in particular - very atmospheric =D

  4. I love the eco-pod! I havent' seen this but I'm not a big fan of creepy crawlies so this would make me feel a little less uncomfortable!

    It seems like it would be warmer, too.

    Hope your New Year is starting out all cozy and bright!

  5. Hi H,
    Have missed your lovely photos and visits on board Tacet. Hope all is well with you. Currently on Trent and Mersey, know this is a favourite waterway of yours.
    Love Karen

  6. Hey! Hope you're doing okay!