Saturday 30 March 2013

Day trip to Cumbria 6 - Castlerigg Stone Circle

Not a great deal is known about Castlerigg Stone Circle. It stands on a natural plateau and comprises 38 free-standing stones, some as tall as ten feet. It is thought that the circle was erected in the Neolithic Period (4000-5000 years ago) but the purpose is unknown.

Today, it is protected by the National Trust and open for all to visit. The location is superb, surrounded by fells, with snow-covered Helvellyn towering in the background.

The plaque shows the layout of the stones and the positions of the surrounding fells.

This is a place I have long wanted to see, so I was pleased at the opportunity to visit.


  1. What a mysterious thing those circles are. As far as I know there is nothing at all like this in Canada.

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  3. Wonderful photos! I've long wanted to visit this place too, one day I will get there!

  4. This is simply beautiful. I'm so glad you finally got to visit.

  5. This is a great stone circle. It was a Steven Spielberg of an ancient man that directed them to be placed so dramatically in this setting. It wasn't exactly high season when I visited a few years ago and there were piles of people there. You've done very well to get it people free or at least none in your shot.