Wednesday 16 June 2010

The view with the hidden surprise

Out of the woods and across a field, we joined the track which led from the small village of Newton to Threapwood farm. Once again, the rhodedendrons were in evidence as we turned towards the village.

Just short of Newton, we turned aside onto a footpath which cut across fields and eventually arrived at this stile...

This was the best viewpoint in our walk. The Churnet Valley stretched away into the distance, with fields and rolling hills basking under the warm sunshine.

But not everything was basking. As we climbed over the stile, we surprised a whole line of sheep which were pressed right up against the fence, lying in the narrow band of shadow. I don't know who jumped most; us or them :)


  1. Gorgeous! I imagine that must have been quite a shock, coming upon the sheep that way. Good thing they weren't the sort of sheep that have horns! (were they?)

  2. No, no horns, but even horned sheep like the Swaledale, will run away at a bit of arm waving. A ram with young to protect might have been a different story..!


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