Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Jomo lead with a view from the top

While we were at Trowbarrow, the lads took me up a V Diff called Jomo.

Ben lead the first pitch and I followed. So far, the climbing was pretty straightforward

Pitch two was my turn to lead, with Ben flexing his muscles on belay.

It wasn't til I was reaching the top that I spotted a small obstacle. I don't do overhangs; especially not at that kind of height!!
(Picture taken from the ground later on - some random climber who has no idea I took his photo - hee hee)

In the end, it wasn't quite as bad as it looked. The worst bit was actually dangling from the roof with nothing more than a toe on a pebble of the side wall. I won't pretend it was pretty, but with a little coaching from Mark, I managed to top the roof. You can see the relief :) 

It was an awfully long way down!

An old, dead, but very solid, tree stump provided an anchor to set up the belay and Ben followed me up.

The view from the top was beautiful; the top end of Morecambe Bay. The two little dots on the horizon are Heysham nuclear power station. Next to the reactors is the terminal for the Isle of Man ferry. When I was a third year student in Lancaster, I had a room on the 6th floor of the tower block. During my final teaching practice, when I was sitting at my desk completing lesson plans, I would see the lights of the 23.55 ferry pull away from the town and track down the shoreline to avoid the sandbanks, before eventually turning into the Irish Sea for the crossing. 

Morecambe Bay is very shallow, meaning that the tide goes out for miles leaving vast areas of sand. At certain times of the year, walkers gather to complete the Cross Bay Walk, for which it is absolutely essential to have a guide. Some of that sand is treacherous!

View admiration over, there was only one way down. Ben went first...

followed by Mark...

leaving me all fastened in and ready to go last of all :)

Fun :)


  1. Oh my! Do you have to do this to me? Even looking at the photos makes me feel sick!

  2. it's beautiful, but I know I wouldn't have the nerve! Good for you! {:-D

  3. I must say, Helene, you look incredibly cheerful about it. I feel sick just looking at the view from the top.

  4. Here I am, just back from a restful and soothing holiday and you are make me feel all dizzy again. Have you thought about climbing The Shard yet?

  5. Go Auntie Helene! :D Great photos, Ben makes me laugh! Beautiful views.