Friday, 20 July 2012

Up and over

Eventually, I got fed up of sitting on sharp bits of spiky limestone and decided to stretch my legs. Having not climbed down then up on my last visit to Malham Cove, the obvious choice was to amble my way up to the top.

Rather than trudge the steps up the left arm of the formation, I passed through a small gate and climbed up from the end of the ledge, following a small, fairly indistinct path up the right edge. 

About two thirds of the way up, I discovered a perfect flat topped rock to sit on and admire the view.

Small irregular fields bordered by dry stone walls are a common sight in the Dales, as are the multitude of little stone barns.

Continuing up to the top, I scrambled over the lip of the Cove and discovered the reason for the indistinctness of the path; barbed wire and a large 'Do not enter' sign. Good job there was another way down!

Meanwhile, I took another good look at the limestone pavement, managing to spot some ferns this time (as well as more nettles).

The view from the top is still stunning and rather more sunny than the last time I was here!

By now, you've probably worked out that I like sheep!

Through the gap and down the steps - best go down the legitimate way :)


  1. What a beautiful view. I'd have been there too! The stone in that part of the world is really something - so rugged and wild.

  2. Beautiful views.
    Love the way the Mum sheep looks to be saying close enough this is my baby.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Those rocks remind me of molars! Or maybe I'm just dentist focused of late - ha!

    We've been researching doing a long boat tour out your way next year! I'd love to see some of these sights!