Tuesday 21 August 2012

London 2012 - 6 - Events

The stadium was packed with people; enthusiastic supporters eager to see the events on offer.

First off were the decathletes, competing in the high jump.

Decathlon leader Ashton Eaton cleared 2.05m, retaining his first place position, but, as the competition progressed, we got behind the Cuban Leonel Suarez, cheering him on to the completion of the event.  The bar eventually reached 2.11m and his clearance proved enough for Suarez to win the event.

The women's 1500m semi-finals proved tricky to photograph. If only they would stand still! Laura Weightman of GBR qualified for the final, in which she came 11th in 4mins 16.6secs.

The eventual winner of the event was Asli Cakir Alptekin of Turkey.


  1. What fun... and you got to see the Olympic Torch,
    since it was only visible from the stadium.
    Did you get any photos ? and did you like it ?
    I read lots of people didn't like it. I thought the design was very interesting but think it should have be visible for all to see.
    For me it was the only thing wrong everything else looked great. Of course I wasn't there but it looked fabulous on TV, especially the Equestrian and Rowing event.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. That women's 1500m race was fantastic, wasn't it?

    Great shot of the high jumper (I'm guessing that's Eaton?).

  3. Brilliant photographs Helene - they really capture the moment. Lucky you.

  4. Great photos! The atmosphere must have been amazing :) Now I can't wait to go to the Paralympics!

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