Monday, 22 October 2012

YSP - The Anthonys

In the summer holidays, a friend and I spent a day at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I'd been wanting to visit for a while and I wasn't disappointed.

These few posts aim to give you a flavour of just some of what was on offer.

Promenade is a piece by Anthony Caro (b 1924). Trained as an engineer as well as a sculptor, Caro created this sculpture from steel, originally for the Les Tuilleries gardens in Paris.

As its name suggests, the sculpture is designed to be promenaded along and around and between and within. If you look carefully, you can just see the legs of a child disappearing into one of the structures.

Standing high above the woodland floor is this sculpture by Anthony Gormley (b 1950) who is most famous for his piece 'The Angel of the North'. This figure is entitled 'One and Other' and is a study of Gormley's concerns with isolation and claustrophobia.

The absence of features makes the figure universal.

This is the second location for the piece in YSP. When the original site became unstable, the sculpture was brought back to ground level and Gormley himself visited the park to choose the new location, believing the positioning to be of vital importance to the statement of the figure.


  1. What a wonderful Park to wander around !
    I remember walking around the grassy sculpture area leading to the Museum at Edinburgh and being so very impressed. It was very late and dark (winter) so we couldn't looks around for very long.
    I really love the sculpture by Caro.
    But how interesting is the sculpture by Gormley. The location of the piece is perfect, I am so impressed by this piece. Absolutely wonderful !
    Thanks for the tour.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I do like Anthony Gormley's work and that figure certainly conveys the artist's thoughts on isolation and claustrophobia! I've never seen 'The Angel of the North' but have seen the 'Another Place' figures on Crosby Beach and this figure slightly reminds me of them :)

  3. Carry on like this Helen and I shall not need to visit.

  4. That Gormley statute is gorgeous. I am going to google his work.

    And I love the origami look of the first sculptures!

  5. Wow! That last photo is powerful. No wonder Gormley wanted to choose the location himself.