Thursday 22 November 2012

Over Pavey Ark

Climbing around the western end of Pavey Ark towards the summit, I was amused by the casual way that this Herdwick was sunning herself on a rock above a sheer drop of some significance!

But now, I'm going to be quiet and allow you to enjoy the views on the way up to the top.

Almost there.

Summit number one - Pavey Ark - 700m


  1. I love the views "out" in those photographs; the first one however seems to confirm the generally held supposition that sheep are stupid* :P

    * Nothing against sheep, but those who know me also know about my my lack of love for edges and anything situation or place that might precipitate an acceleration of approx 10m/s^2

  2. Gorgeous views. Except for the colors, it reminds a bit of the canyons out in the Southwestern US.