Sunday, 25 November 2012

Pavey Ark to Harrison Stickle

From the summit of Pavey Ark, it was a bit of a scramble across some very rough, slow formed rhyolite towards the highest of the sleeping giants, Harrison Stickle, 736m.

Pavey Ark can be seen in the background, with the edge of Stickle Tarn below.

From here there are views in all directions:

South-east towards Windermere

towards the north-eastern fells

and west over Pike O' Stickle (our next destination).

Although it doesn't show on the photos, we could even see over the Solway Firth to Scotland.


  1. Brrrr - that looks chilly! I always get a chuckle from the place names in your part of the world.

  2. Don't you think stickle is the most wonderful word Helen?

  3. I love those first 2 photos. Is that you in the first? The lads look like they're sussing out their next climb in that second shot.

    1. It is me in the first, yes. I wish someone had told me how awful that buff looked. I'd have pulled it off for the photo - LOL :)