Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Around Rydal

On the last day of my stay with Mark, he had a lecture at Rydal Cave by the shores of Rydal Water. While he was there, I took the opportunity for a stroll along the shore of the lake.
(I would show you a picture of the cave, but it had a crowd of students standing in its mouth and I didn't want to cause embarrassment.)

His lecture was the last of the afternoon; the sun was sinking and the light beginning to fade from the sky.

At various points, becks would come tumbling down from the hillside, chatter over the pebbly shore and add their water to the lake.

By the time I was leaving, the temperature was well below freeing and there was a noticeable stillness in the air.

Ten more minutes before the lecture ends. I wonder if Mark thought to bring a torch.


  1. But H .. you know it is impossible to embarrass students =D
    and *had* Mark brought a torch?

    I love Rydal Water and have walked the terrace and fell a few times ... I'm long overdue another visit I feel.

  2. This was one of Wordsworth's favourite places wasn't it?

  3. This is my favorite set of shots I've seen from you! You know how much I love your work, so picking a favorite is almost impossible. However, watching the sun fade and twilight arrive through your talented lens has been a privilege today. Thanks, Helen.

    Tina @ Life is Good

    Co-Host of the April 2012 Blogging from A to Z Challenge


  4. What a beautiful place ! even with this cold !

  5. We love gates! More gorgeous gate photos please! And becks! (there are 72 synonyms for beck.)