Sunday, 26 February 2012

Stanage Plantation and a total 'legend'

From reading my blog over the past three weeks (or so) it would be easy to get the impression that I've moved up to Cumbria. I haven't honest! (Though I have been up 4 times since New Year; 2 day trips and 2 short stays and, guess where I am at the moment - LOL - so more Cumbria photos to come before too long!).

For the moment though, the photos are nearer to home. Mark has been down for Reading Week and, between sessions of writing an assignment, we have taken a couple of trips up to the 'Edges'.

This is Stanage Plantation, where there is some rather fine bouldering. The sun shone so, in spite of a rather strong breeze, it was a pleasantly warm day.

Both lads climbed Pebble Arete (V2-3 highball)

and then spent about an hour working on Deliverance (V8) which is significantly more difficult and ends with a 'dyno' (dynamic move - i.e. jump) to reach (or not) the top. The top of Deliverance is centre of the face of the boulder above. It's easily identified by the large white chalk mark deposited from all of the hands which have not quite reached. They added a few more layers :)

A bit more bouldering.

The variety of colour on the gritstone is appealing.

Later in the day, the blue sky disappeared :(

As you can see, we stayed until it was dark. We hadn't intended to, but the lads were climbing a tricky route (with ropes, on the actual Edge) and it took a while. As they both 'lead' the route (placing protection and clipping in they climbed), they then had to abseil down to collect everything they had left jammed into the cracks in the rock. 

We walked back down to the car by headtorch, only to discover a locked barrier across the entrance to the car park. EEEEP!

At this point, I would like to make clear that the end time on my ticket said 23.00 and it was only actually 19.00 (though there was a sign warning of locking at 18.00 ooops!!). 

While I loaded the boot, envisaging a night in the car and a very awkward morning phone call to explain why I was not at work!!!), Ben rang the 'Emergency' number on the pay and display machine. 

Within 5 minutes, a very cheery man had driven up from his house ("No problem. I only live two minutes away") and let us out. He wouldn't even accept a couple of quid for a beer. As Ben said, "What a Legend!!"


  1. Oh Dear !
    But for us what fun to read your adventure. At lest you had a cheery man to help !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. He would have seen your car - was probably waiting for your call! Lovely colours in those sunshine photos.

  3. Nothing really to add. Just having fun catching up. :)

  4. I'm quite stunned at the variety of topography in your part of the world. Somehow I never think of England having such rugged vistas as you photograph so beautifully.