Sunday, 5 February 2012


I'm diverting away from my Cumbria photos to bring you a weather bulletin:

It came...

covering everything with its own little fluffy white hat,

making the holly look belatedly Christmassy,

confusing the kerria beyond words

and burying both snowdrops and crocuses.

The daffs poked their noses out to see what was going on

and the blackbirds hopped around searching for food.

Now, it is busily melting.


  1. Beautiful !
    Especially the bird prints in the snow.
    Is this your yard ? if it is your very lucky.
    A very happy snow day.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Send some this way! The western part of the US is unusually warm for this time of year and we haven't had snow like we should....Oh well, last year was just the opposite so I guess we just take what we get:) Enjoy!

  3. You really ought to write children's books, illustrated with your photographs. You are a natural. Your garden looks so beautiful adorned in its perfectly white snowy mantle.

  4. Love your commentary! :) The snow is lovely.

  5. You look to have had much more than we have had here. Isn't it pretty?

  6. I saw that snow come while I was watching some English soccer yesterday way over here across the pond...
    Snow is so pretty...

  7. Lovely. Everything looked so pretty this morning in the garden, plenty of tracks of cat, fox and birds as I ventured out to the bird feeders and broke the ice on the bird bath. It seems to be thawing now though and I thought I just heard rain on the conservatory roof; that will wash it all away:)

  8. Lovely photos, your backyard looks very pretty in its winter glory.

  9. It didn't last long here either. I think I'm glad!