Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Lakeside from Fell Foot

Believe it or not, this is still Cumbria but I've changed visit. The next series of posts are photographs which were taken exactly one week ago today, when Ben went up there for an interview.

There was less snow around than I expected., most of it seeming to have fallen down the east side of the UK, but this photo of Lakeside (on the south west shore of Windermere) still has a vaguely Alpine feel to it.

The boats run trips up and down the lake. It's a while since we've done the journey, but it's definitely worth buying a ticket for the complete round trip because you can make a full day of it, stopping off at various locations around the lake.

From memory, there are three boats; Swan, Teal and Tern. I think the bigger of the two moored here is Swan.

The photo is taken from Fell Foot, a National Trust property on the southern tip of the lake. We had hoped to call in for a coffee but it was closed due to icy conditions.


  1. I see what you mean about the "Alpine feel".

    I could equally imagine those being River Mississippi paddle steamers waiting for their daily boarding of Southern Beaus and Belles.

    Shame about the coffee though
    Closed for icy conditions; hmmm...
    1. You got there OK
    2. someone was there to put the notice up

    but knowing the area, it probably was a lot worse in the days before you visited.

  2. The snow fell on the South-East which is why we heard so much about it. Lovely photograph. I really must visit the Lakes once the nice weather arrives (and I will avoid suggesting that the nice weather never does come)

  3. The boat trips sound wonderful. Shame about the coffee hope you had your tusty back-up flask with you:)

  4. oops! or even trusty back up flask!:)