Tuesday 25 May 2010


Last week, I was reading about the Galveston (Texas) tree sculptures, on a blog written by Betty. I learned that on Sept 13th 2008, Huricane Ike severely damaged a significant number of oak trees around the area. Sadly, more then 40,000 were felled, but the remains of some trees have been turned into carved sculptures. The results were quite impressive and, after reading the blog, I was left thinking how good it was to create something attractive out of destruction.

Yesterday, at Cannock Forest, I saw a few examples of a similar thing.

The gorilla is the adopted symbol of Go Ape and they have an active interest in supporting gorilla focussed charities. This guy was just outside their cabin.

This family of carvings was near the end of the course...


Though I did find them a tad bland; the child was the only one with much of interest.

And this final one was just outside the Visitor Centre.

Although it is quite simple, I love this one because it makes me want to go and lie down by the base of the emerging drill and yell "OK! You can stop now!"

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