Sunday 30 May 2010

Belper Hilltop

Belper, the village which exploded into a town, thanks to the mills of Jedediah Strutt, is nine miles north of Derby up the Derwent Valley. In the time of Strutt, it grew to have the second largest population in Derbyshire, a position which has now been claimed by Chesterfield (of the crooked spire). The centre of Belper town is in the valley, close by the river and the main mill, but the residential areas have spread up the valley sides onto the surrounding hills.

Towards the top of one steep hill is, the very appropriately named, Belper Hill Top pub. It isn't one of the towns trendy establishments (they tend to be in the centre), but this place does a very good midweek lunchtime offer on meals . So, on a day when I am not working, my Dad, aunt, uncle and I sometimes head up here for lunch. The food is always good...

...and, I'm sure you'll agree, the views are beautiful.


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  1. Yes totally agree. Views are wonderful and the garden is great too