Thursday 6 May 2010

Jigsaw puzzle

When I first went on maternity leave from work, just over 18 years ago, I was rather large, often tired and car-less. Apart from stirring myself to keep on top of the domestic stuff and stick to some form of daily exercise, I basically rested. I remember those two months of waiting to give birth as the 'jigsaw puzzle time'. I can't remember how many puzzles I completed, but I had one on the go constantly and spent quite a large chunk of time each day pouring over small pieces of coloured card, searching...

Yesterday, I was involved in another jigsaw puzzle! It began like this...

...and this...

...and this...

...and this!

In theory, each piece of this puzzle was stamped with a number; and the 'idiot's guide' which accompanied it came complete with informative pictures. In practice, the numbers were often obscure, non existent or stamped across a fold in the metal and the pictures were no-where near detailed enough to give clear guidance.

The first hour and a half were very pleasant in the warmth of the hazy sun, outside, working with Dad and looking forward to lunch out.

By lunchtime, it looked like this.

After lunch we were up to four pairs of hands and made quick progress, but then it all became a bit more tricky. On the second attempt, the roof made sense, but the real killer was the doors.

  • Don't mention sliders!

  • Where on earth are these strengtheners meant to fit?

  • And, how am I meant to tighten that screw in that tiny little space?

It was also becoming quite chilly and I was losing the feeling in my fingers.

Eventually, after about three and a half hours (total), it looked like this:

Job done!

...but, are we meant to have this many bits left over?


  1. Unusul choice of entry :)

    Spare parts; that makes a change as so many of these "kits" are short of something, and it's usually something vital.

    I assume that any comments at this point about having a few loose screws might be met with some opposition...

    But, pray tell, what is going in the shed?

  2. Well, to begin with, a couple of dozen spare nuts, bolts and screws...

  3. I had to build one of these at work, almost the same but with a peak roof. The doors were a nightmare, I couldn't get them to slide right :-(