Monday 7 February 2011

Around Derwentwater 10 - Keswick by Night

A pretty market town in the North Lakes, Keswick is a major centre for tourists in the area and tends to be very busy during the summer months. Indeed, tourism has become the main industry in the town, which offers shops, accommodation, eating places, art galleries and a tourist information centre which is housed in the Moot Hall.

Built in 1813, the Moot Hall stands at the top of the market place and, in its time, has been a courthouse, a prison, a museum, the town hall and a fruit market! On the west tower, just visible in my photo, is a clock; unusual because it has only one hand!

Below the Moot Hall is the market place. Keswick was granted its charter to hold a market by Edward I, in 1276 and the Saturday market continues to this day with a selection of stalls setting up from around 6am and continuing through til 4pm. Goods on offer include quality second hand books, a selection of clothes and footwear, jewellery and local produce.

In summertime, the market expands to cater for the growing number of tourists, while on the first Sunday in December, there is always a Christmas fayre. This special event kicks off the festive season in the town and is designed to benefit charities.The fayre is organised by members of the Keswick Lions Club along with the Rotarians and provides stalls for local charities and organisations (such as Scouts and Guides and schools) to raise money for their own good causes.

Alongside the decorated stalls, street entertainers perform, there is a kiddies funfair and Santa comes to sit in his grotto. The whole area in the photo below would be packed with people :)

It's a little more quiet on a Sunday evening in late January!


  1. Night shots can be so difficult, and they are so very good. Can I assume you used a tripod : if not you have an extremely steady hand.

  2. I'd love to be there for an ordinary market day, and then again for the Christmas offering.
    There's a Keswick near where I used to live in Ontario - probably founded by people from your Keswick.

  3. There must be something wrong: in your excellent photos we don't see any rain. I thought it always rained in the Lake District. I loved staying i Keswick, but didn't like getting soaking wet on my summer holidays!

  4. Looks very pretty, I always have some difficulties with night shots.

  5. Last time we visited Keswick it was snowing :-)

    There's a one-handed clock near where I live. It's in Coningsby and the time can be read over 2 miles away!

  6. What a quaint looking village. I, too, would love to wander aimlessly around the marketplace taking in all the sights and sounds.