Tuesday 1 February 2011

Around Derwentwater 4 - Along the east shore

More offerings from along the east shore of Derwentwater.

How wonderful it would be to actually own a boat here and be able to go out onto the lake at will.

This lopsided tree made us smile.


  1. It looks completely different to how it looked at the beginning of February last year in all the snow. I'd love to own a boat on the lakes.

  2. There must be a story behind the lop-sided tree. I wonder what it was?

  3. Really lovely scenes again, H! Those little mallards are so colourful, but they are regarded as 'undesirables' in SA where they've almost wiped out the indigenous species of white duck through inbreeding, unbelievable though that might sound.

    The picture of the boathouse nestled amongst those towering trees and the beautiful reflections in the water is a stunner!

    The picture of the lopsided tree is so well-composed, with the branches reaching out towards the lake like yearning arms. Lovely!

  4. Funny, but for the first time, I could say that these three photos could have been taken around here...especially the tree.