Saturday, 23 June 2012

Limestone dry valley

The outflow from Malham Tarn only remains overground for around 500 metres before it disappears through the permeable limestone, flowing underground for some distance, until it surfaces south of Malham village, becoming the source of the River Aire.

Above ground, it leaves this dry valley; an attractive example of limestone country!

Caves are common and this one reminds me of those in Dovedale, in my native Derbyshire.

The sheep is definitely Yorkshire though; a Swaledale.

Watlowes Valley finally opens out, leading us towards our destination.


  1. Beautiful. We lived in Kingston, Ontario, for some years and the ground there is all limestone. Nothing at all like this landscape though.

  2. It's almost magical that the water appears and then disappears before it becomes the River Aire. I wonder what animals live in those caves.

  3. Say karst and I think of the mystical peaks of Guanxi. But what wonderful scenery you have here, H!