Friday, 15 June 2012

Starting out on Windgather

Just before the end of May, eldest son Mark and I, plus my Dad, drove up to Windgather Rocks in Cheshire, to meet a friend from Yorkshire. The purpose of the day was for Mark to give that friend a climbing lesson. 

Meet Sacristan, a friend with a very real fear of heights; someone who has been known to freeze up completely when walking close to an edge.

But also, someone determined to lay to rest a few ghosts by completing a climb to the top of a crag.

I'd say he did pretty well, wouldn't you?

I even think I see the hint of a smile!

Four routes climbed in all; gradually increasing in height!

Good job :)


  1. Well done to S. What an achievement

  2. Friend H exaggerates slightly ... the last one I didn't manage...
    SO one done twice, one managed eventually and one started but abandoned after a couple of goes

    It was a good, if challenging, day; Mark is a very encouraging and extremely patient tutor and I would certainly recommend him should the chance arise.

    NO I will never make it my hobby, not even to the levels that we have seen H get to

    BUT I do want to go back and have another go, if only to finish off the one that got away


  3. I was thinking, 'Wow, that doesn't look too hard to climb!' and then the photo opened up and showed how tall the rocks were.


  4. Talk about facing your fears! Good one, S! But for me it's not so much a fear as knees that turn to rubber... that wouldn't be a good thing half way up!