Saturday 4 June 2011

Scavenger Hunt for May

I'm showing these in order of the list, except for my favourite, which I have saved for last.

1. A bicycle (Ben's transport to and from college)

2. A rather pretty butterfly.

3. A cartoon character

4. A red door. (What a lovely entrance to a home!)

5. A sign of the zodiac (Aries the ram) which happens to be the logo of my local city council.

6. A street light (or three).

7. An emergency vehicle

8. An interesting local building. (Loads to choose from here, but I had to select Derby Cathedral)

9. Something blue (It's a very long time since my boys would get excited over riding on something like this!)

10. Texture (Smell that coffee!!)

11. Think vintage
This twenty four hour grandfather clock was inherited by my uncle from his parents who received it as a wedding present in 1926. The clock was given by Mr and Mrs Harry Taylor (my uncle's mum's sister and brother-in-law). Harry Taylor was the brother of Derbyshire born children's author Alison Uttley and this clock is the one which is mentioned in many of her books.

And finally...

12. A portrait in black and white of the most photogenic member of our family.

Thanks to Kathy from Postcards from the Paradise Peninsula for hosting this meme.To see what the other hunters have scavenged this month, click here.

(We're having a totally offline, family time this week, so I'll link mine in a little late, when I'm back at my laptop)


  1. I like the last picture best. What gorgeous legs! Or is that the chair?
    We are now at Pigeon Lake Alberta and glad to report good wireless connection to the Internet so far from civilization..

  2. Love the little guy's tiny paws! So cute! You have some great photos this time...the coffee beans, especially.

  3. Love the butterfly lamp! The photo scavenger hunt sounds like a lot of fun :) hope ur avin gd quality time wit Mark & Ben.

  4. Great photos, I especially like Donald Duck and the red door.

  5. Super photos - a great selection. Like the coffee beans for texture and the butterfly lamp. Like the little family member at the end so sweet - I love the bristling whiskers, bright eyes and little paws:)

  6. There is something about black and white photography that makes it more appealing.

  7. Beautiful pictures ! the first one makes me sing "I want to ride my bicycle" ...
    and the last one is absolutely too cute !

  8. Hi , I love your photos especailly the red door and the grandfather clock with an interesting history .
    Jacquie x

  9. What a cutie! Great photos and what a fab family connection to a famous author.
    Lisa x

  10. Great pictures - I love the coffee beans!

  11. That stained glass butterfly is awesome!

  12. Wow what a beautiful butterfly.

    I was a bit late with mine for May, but I will do better this month.