Saturday 11 June 2011

Weaving through Nantwich

Nantwich is built on the banks of the River Weaver. The Weaver is 50 miles long, rises on the hills of West Cheshire and flows in an arc across the Cheshire Plain, northwards towards the River Mersey.

This was the site of Nantwich Mill, used to grind corn and produce cotton. The channel is the old mill race, where faster flowing water was channelled to drive the mill wheel. Around the other side of mill island is a natural loop in the course of the river.

The single span stone bridge dates back to the early 19th century.

At this stage of its course, the Weaver is not navigable, although a series of parliamentary bills in the 17th century allowed for the improvement of the river downstream and, since the construction of the Manchester Ship Canal, the river ends its course in that waterway.


  1. I looks like a perfect place for a canoe or kayak on a sunny day.

  2. The landscape has such a variety of greens ! a pleasure for a painter's eyes !

  3. Always think weeping willows by the water look so cool and beckoning on a summer's day...

    Lovely images.

  4. I am enjoying your blog so much---I love seeing the English countryside, it is so beautiful and I love the old churches, buildings, homes. Thank you!