Friday 24 June 2011

Yet more climbing

Back down to the foot of the crags and it was Ben's turn to lead a route. He chose a relatively easy one because he was going to be followed up by a novice.

Mark belayed him up...

...and was then on hand to shout advice and instruction to the inexperienced second...

...who was delighted to reach the top.


  1. I thought for a moment that the second person was going to be you!

  2. Excellent captures... but you'd not see me on that cliff, despite my boasts of near reckless and adventurous behaviour! Vertigo takes care of that!

  3. Your sons obviously had a great summer holiday break! You must be the perfect Mum by any boy's standards!!! :)

  4. I shudder just looking at things like that...
    I think I need a cup of tea to settle my nerves

    Nice post H...
    I assume Mark also took the latter photos?

    @The Weaver of Grass: I rather think it *was* H

  5. YIKES! I'm not liking heights so bravo for him:)