Sunday 28 August 2011

A slice of Lyme 11 - Boat builders, ducklings and lichen

Having adjusted our Sat Navs, we walked on back down to the Macclesfield Canal, passing by the small marina and the boat builders yard.

Holidaying on the canals has been popular for many years. Now, with the soaring price of houses, increasing numbers of people are looking at canal boats as an alternative to buying a property on land.

All of which is very good news for the boat builders!

These little guys have no such concerns.

Sacristan spotted this lichen on the stones along the water side of the canal towpath. I suspected that Desiree might be interested.

Almost back to the car now :) We just have one last section to walk, then off to the pub for some food.


  1. Yes, your suspicions were spot on! It's a beautiful specimen...thank you for thinking of me! So glad you got your confused sat navs sorted out. It would have been disastrous had you got well and truly lost...we'd all have missed you dreadfully! Surely there need to be some control measures in place for living on the canals? Imagine the congestion if many more folk opt to become water dwellers. The poor swans and ducks will have less and less open water and there must be pollution issues with the oil and diesel washing into the rivers?

  2. I really have enjoyed your pictures, especially the little ducks. England has always fascinated me, would love to visit your country someday...

  3. Fascinating about the canal boats! There isn't anything like that around here.

  4. More canals - sure to get my heart racing!

  5. I'm really enjoying your 'slice of Lyme' walks - especially the canal parts of it:)

  6. Are people living on the canal year round?