Tuesday 23 August 2011

A slice of Lyme 7 - The Bowstones

Right up on top of the moors is Bowstones farm, which is mainly a boarding kennels, rather than a farm. It's a solitary house approached by a narrow road which winds steeply up the hillside. It isn't quite as isolated as it appears as there is a fairly large hotel around a mile away on the larger road which drops down into the next valley. Even so, I wouldn't much like to drive down the hill on an icy morning and there will be times during the winter when the farm is snowed in. The farm is definitely exposed to the full force of our ever-changing weather!

These two stones. the Bowstones after which the farm is named, are recovered shafts from two Saxon crosses which were thought to have been used as landmarks as well as religious symbols. Unfortunately, some of the carvings are decidedly newer than Saxon times!

The (better preserved) crosspieces to these shafts are in the courtyard at Lyme Hall.


  1. Clever! Two photos of the same place from two different angles with two different lenses??

  2. Sadly, I don't own two different lenses.

    The photographs were taken on two different days.

  3. What a lonely-looking place. I imagine that 100 years ago it would have been very isolated.

  4. You've given me yet another reason to head across The Pond and kidnap you as my tour guide...
    Tina @ Life is Good

  5. Very interesting. These stones are really stone old !

  6. I love the slightly eerie feeling emanating from this lonely looking farmhouse, H. You've captured its essence so beautifully!