Wednesday 17 August 2011

A slice of Lyme 2 - Doing it in stile

Leaving the canal behind, a series of paths across the fields took us gradually closer to our intended lunchtime destination.

Notice the dog gate to the side of the stile.

I was intrigued by this fancy gate post! Why would someone stick a finial on top of a perfectly ordinary post?

In the distance, tantalising glimpses of the Cage were making my stomach rumble.

Entering into Lyme Park, we climbed yet another stile to amble through the woods (another doggy gate)...

...out the other end onto the drive...

...and straight up the hillside... the Cage.


  1. I loved each of the stiles, each so different in style. The final one did not have a doggy gate? The first gate had me a bit stumped then I had my own lightbulb! It had to be slid upwards and then lowered after use. The next one was on a large hinge, so a pretty standard gate..with a small sliding one at the lower corner for a little dog. I thought the finial atop the fence post gave it a rather romantic touch. The Cage looks impressive. Can't wait to be escorted inside :)

  2. Interesting post(s) Well photographed. Why Cage? Looks like a Castle. Maybe it used to be a prison.

  3. Great photos! I'm really enjoying taking this walk with you and I'm looking forward to the next installment:)

  4. Nice to see some well-maintained stiles. Do most have doggy gates? I've never noticed (not a doggy person!)

  5. I have to say that I do like those dog gates. Whenever I get Amy to a stile I have to carry her over (she is a right wuss) and she is getting heavy in her middle age. Hopefully, that kind of gate will catch on - if not I will look Lyme up on Google Earth.

  6. You know how I love gates - but stiles? Now, a stile would add interest to a walk, but there are none over here.
    I'm waiting anxiously to see what's in The Cage.

  7. What a beautiful walk. Love the stiles and looking at the hills. Yikes!