Wednesday 24 August 2011

A slice of Lyme 8 - Rain!

I don't know what it was about this walk, but both times we did it, the descent was wet! (And when I say wet, I mean wet!)

On the scouting day, we didn't even make it down to the woods in the dry (as you can probably tell from the close up shot of the Bowstones in my last post!).

On the actual walk, we were doing rather better, dropping down as far as the woods and walking through the trees in the dry until...

Hmmm. Notice the 'interesting' light quality beyond the trees. It looks suspiciously like it might...


It only lasted about twenty-five minutes, but it was heavy!

Thankfully, just beyond the car park, there is a cafe:)

Sadly, this car park is no-where near the one where OUR cars were parked!


  1. Don't talk about rain ! we have more than enough of it in Belgium, even floodings ! But everythings looks very green according to my friend Claudie who lives at the French Riviera where everything is yellow except the palm trees, sigh ! She stayed with me for a week tomorrow she goes back into the sunshine !

  2. That was some rain! Goodness! I'm here, trying to catch up on all the posts I've missed of late. My days have devolved to being fulltime puppy carer, as we have our daughter's Noodle with us while she is away for a few days and we had both of them here for several days prior to her departure. My blogging time has dwindled to almost none. OK, off to read the other posts...I see you've been quite busy since I last visited :)

  3. My car is always in the most distant lot when it's raining!

  4. Oh my goodness me, ony just as I was about to write this did I notice how much water that car was standing in! There seem to have been so many torrential downpours this year - luckily the yorkshire Dales seems to have missed them, so far. I expect you got your feet wet.

  5. Rain or no rain it gave rise to some interesting photographs. I particularly like the one of the gate, wall and trees.

  6. Rain would be nice – we have not seen it in several days, and no rain in the forecast – just our temperature hovering around 96 F (36 C) here in Georgia. I like you top picture and would enjoy taking a walk among those trees.

  7. Wow! That's a ton of rain.

    Irene's heading our way and things could look a whole lot like that car park by Sunday.

  8. That shot with the gate partially has so much potential to it. Makes me want to get my ass off the couch, walk through, and go do something. Nice job, H.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  9. That does look a lot of rain! the photo of the gate has a wonderful light quality sort of misty with rain - it's a wonderful photo:)