Wednesday 25 April 2012

Mock Beggar's Hall

Mock Beggar's Hall is the local name for this gritstone outcrop on the edge of Harthill Moor near Winster in Derbyshire and it's easy to see why with the stones standing erect like the remains of a once grand building. Look on the map, however, and the name you will read is Robin Hood's Stride.

Legend has it that Robin Hood himself strode between the two rock towers. If he did, he must have had jolly long legs because the stones are 15 metres apart! A feat even for a legend like Robin!

It's a straightforward scramble up the side (or you can take the easy way on the path round the end), 

but the towers themselves present rather more of a challenge. 

I contented myself with the view from the ridge.

Following the path back down, I noticed this curious hollow in the side of the rock. It looks like it has been eroded by a whirlpool, but I imagine it must be the power of the wind. Odd that it should circle so often in this one spot.


  1. Beautiful view from the ridge. The trees on Mock Beggar's sure are gnarly. What kind of tree is in that 4th picture?

  2. Hmm yes I was intrigued by that hollow inside of the rock too :)

  3. What a beautiful area you live in, the view from the ridge is lovely.
    I too wonder about the about the hollow rock.
    Sorry locals, I rather like the name Robin Hood Stride better.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. It does look like a ruined castle or something - great views too. Could that hole in the rock really be wind-created? Or might the rock have been under the sea millions of years ago? Very curious feature.

  5. Water or wind? Water takes it easily. Wind erosion is for softer rocks or sand dunes?

  6. I've always thought it was called Robin Hood's Stride but rather like Mock Beggar's Hall. I seem to remember a hermit's cave there as well or maybe I'm thinking of somewhere else? The whirly hole looks like a portal into another world, that idea probably comes from living with a science fiction addict:)