Friday 20 April 2012

Tod walk 12 : Tottering past the town hall in Todmorden

This is the town hall in Todmorden. There's a lot more to it than this, but after 11 miles of ups and downs and more ups and downs, I was ready to take my boots off!

According to the Calderdale Council website, it's a grade one listed building, straddles the river Calder and was once in both Yorkshire and Lancashire.

It was designed by John Gibson of Westminster and completed on April 3rd 1875, after a rather stop start construction process interrupted by, amongst other things, the American Civil War (because of the cotton famine it caused).

The detail in the carvings is rather lovely!

I thoroughly enjoyed this walk with it's varied environments and far distant views. We've done canal and farmland, woods and moorland; up on the tops and descents into the valleys. We even managed to see a bit of gritstone.

 Thanks for coming along to share it.


  1. Nice little town Todmorden Helen. My son used to live in Halifax so it was quite near.

  2. First of all, the name is just so pretty.
    The building is lovely and if it were here would be a shrine, I'm sure. Our town halls tend to be all wood and glass and quite boring.

  3. I was so busy being cute on the previous post I neglected to oooo and ahhhh appropriately at the beautiful photos of the walk back down. I loved that walled pathway.

    After all that great outdoors it's oddly jarring to be looking at the intricate scrollwork on this building. Beautiful but definitely a change of pace.

  4. Lots of lovely detail, fine fotos (sorry, I'm lapsing into Danish) photos.

  5. A very fine ending to a glorious walk. I agree, lovely detail on this town hall; so seldom seen on present day architecture. So glad I could come along... without the feet ache. ;-) Kidding... I'd seriously like to do this hike. Wonder-FULL posts, H.

  6. *Wistful sigh*
    All of the buildings I ever get to see are the efficiently thrown-up-in-a-month type. Box shaped and built only for usefulness.