Tuesday 1 May 2012


This bulk bag of 'Harvest Gold' was delivered just before 10am Monday.

It took a flatbed lorry with a crane to lift it onto my front. The driver operated the arm by remote control, like some enormous Meccano set. With the precision born from countless years of practice, he dropped it exactly where I wanted it; the closest possible point to its destination! Then, with a cheery wave, he was off, leaving me to complete the job using my own technology.

Not a remote control in sight.

Nineteen loads of this wibble-wobbled their way down the side of the house, through the back gate, across the corner of the lawn (avoiding the scratchy pyrocantha!), down the path, over the slab and swooosh.

A bit of attention from the garden rake, smoothing out random heaps, and...

Hey presto!

It's taken me two years to create this from the remnants of Mark's pond!

All I need now is a small table and a wooden bench with the correct number of slats!

Oh yes... and some sunshine (which currently appears to have disappeared again!).


  1. Congratulations for nearly completing the project. You must feel quite good!

  2. Welldone! :) it looks like the perfect place to sit and read in the summer.

  3. Looks like a wonderful spot to relax!

    Please let me know how the periwinkle ground cover works out for you.

  4. That's very pretty, H! I have periwinkle as ground cover all around the edges of the house and it is 100% dependable, hardy and just what I need for a little cover and the odd flash of beautiful blue.

  5. My scone was indeed delicious and the views from my tea room are the best! I posted a few more pics in my post before my scavenger post but the tea room is in a very handy location - next time your boys are climbing the Roaches, you can park yourself in the tea room, just in front of Hen Cloud, and sample a delicious cream tea! I think you have earned one after all that wheelbarrowing!


    P.S. surprisingly, I took all my playground photos without a single question! I think they were too busy playing to notice, but one or two children do usually ask the question!

  6. Very pretty.
    Add two pillows a drink, some sun and your ready for summer.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Has it really been that long? I remember when you first posted photos of that pond. Now it's a raised platform with a swing. Just how many slats is the right number for a bench?

    I think you need a long tall glass of whatever summer beverage you drink. For some reason, iced tea came to mind but now I'm wondering if you're more of a lemonade woman?

  8. Congratulations! A job well done!