Saturday 19 May 2012

Waiting for fish'n'chips

After a long day of climbing, two somebodies were somewhat hungry, so we stopped off at Darley Dale for fish and chips.

We had to wait all of ten minutes for the fish to cook, during which time the lads amused themselves with...

double decker planks

single arm balances...

and the scaling of the e-tree (much to the amusement of the young lady in the upstairs window!)


  1. They're just like Tigger: always bouncing around.

  2. What a lot of energy!
    My four year old grandson told me on the phone, in preparation for his arrival tomorrow "Nana, I can climb on all kinds of things I'm not supposed to"......

  3. That's a novel way to wait for fish and chips! I've just been catching up with your posts as we've been away for a few days - you've taken some wonderful rock face photos - the boys still look full of energy after a day out climbing:)

  4. Still so much energy after a day's climbing. I would have loved to have the seen the look on the girl's face when she saw him out of her window!
    Lisa x

  5. This is the best way I can think of to pass the time waiting for a meal. Could be a new diet plan: skip the appetizers and climb something while waiting for your food!

  6. What fun you have with those two. Special memories.

  7. I bet there were some howls and hoots over these.