Sunday 25 April 2010

Boy and goose

At the back of the Council House is the Boy and Ram, but at the front we have the Boy and Goose.

The statue dates from 1926 and was modelled in bronze by Alexander Fisher. It was originally known as the 'Boy and Gander' and was positioned in the Market Place until 1971 when it was moved to the Riverside Gardens because of road reconstruction. Then in 1976 it was placed within the new Assembly Rooms and eventually moved here. 

I enjoy the sense of movement in this statue; the idea of the boy and the goose dancing together, having fun. It is a lighthearted statue.

And just for your entertainment...

When the light is shining onto the viewscreen of my camera, it can be difficult to be sure exactly what I am photographing. At such times, I will usually take two or three shots to see which turns out best. The photo below was my first attempt at the boy and goose...

(Best viewed large)
Is that the lamp post he is grabbing?

And I wonder what the goose is finding so tasty on the top of a Derby bus shelter! Someone's discarded sandwiches perhaps?


  1. Ha, yes, often best to take a few shots I find! It was great to meet you on Sunday. I look forward to the next time. Happy blogging.

  2. Funnily I saw the boy as holding sunglasses :)

    but it is an amazing sculpture... very "Alive"