Thursday 15 April 2010

More changes

Some more photographs of my garden today.

I think I'm right when I call these grape hyacinths. Please correct me if I'm mistaken. I love the delicate blue and the shape of the individual flower bells.

These ones are definitely hyacinths. I have examples of a few different colours in the garden. The one thing which they do all have in common is the scent, which is gorgeous!

Oops! Where did that One Water come from?

I don't normally like pink, but cherry blossom is a definite exception...

...especially against a clear blue sky!

And the daffodils are still dancing.


  1. You have such a gorgeous full of colour to brighten up your day :) i love the shape of the grape hyacinths and that cherry blossom pic is beautiful. btw, my teaching block starts the week after next..if you know any songs or poems about under the sea please could you let me know them. hope your well x :)

  2. Thanks Daisy.
    Yh. I love my garden too. Your cousin is busy mowing the grass at the moment, ready for his houseparty tomorrow night! :)
    I'll have a think about under the sea stuff. What year group have you got?

  3. Your photos are so lovely! The vibrant colors make me want to prolong spring!!!

  4. Hi VKT,

    I think spring is my favourite season. I love to see the world bursting alive again.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your flowers look beautiful. We don't have any spring flowers at my house. We're just waiting to get the flowers to put in for the summer.