Monday 26 April 2010

Of friends and creativity

When my sons were little, we had a sing along video called A Day full of Songs. It was great! The boys loved the catchy tunes and the journey-story behind them and, I admit, so did their Dad and I. In fact, I think we still have the video squirrelled away somewhere.

Well, yesterday, I went on a different journey and ended up with a day full of friends. I got to spend a whole day in the company of one very good friend, went for coffee with two more lovely friends and even had the chance to meet a new friend who happens to be the author of a blog I enjoy following daily. It was this new friend who taught me how to create a link without having to use the whole web address! And it works!! Thank you Jenny Freckles. Much neater :)

Another friend from yesterday is creative in a different sort of way; one in which I am sadly lacking, she is artistic and she was happy for me to share a couple of her pictures. Thanks Christine.

I love the bold colours and energy of this painting. It is full of life and joy, with big stylised features balanced by lots of little details. It catches the eye and holds the attention. I like it a lot!

I'm annoyed that I blurred the second one slightly, because the textures of the water are amazing.

I particularly like the way the moonlight reflects off the water like a host of dancing, shimmering fireflies. Very atmospheric!

Two very different paintings, but each with their own qualities. I'd love to be able to do this! Wish I had inherited  my Mum's artistic gene!

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