Saturday 10 April 2010


This morning, Mark, my almost 18 year old son, and I went a bit mad and decided to clean out our garage. Like a twit, it didn't occur to me to take a 'Before and After' picture until we had been hard at it for about 30 minutes, so, the following is a pictoral telling of the last 3 hours of our garage clean out:

At this point, we had already shifted 1 bike, a top box, a shredder, a pool table top, a low cupboard and all of our camping stuff.

And here most of it is:

...along with other assorted junk.

We had friends along to keep us company; though his bigger brother got taken outside.

Emptied (as much as necessary), de-cobwebbed (sorry spidey) and vacuumed. Wow, it looks big!

Pity that most of this lot has got to go back inside :(

...except the wheely bins of course :)

Finally, after 3 1/2 hours it looks like this:

...and at least now I know where everything is!

Won't comment on the state of my muscles after two afternoons of gardening, one evening training and a garage sort! Thank goodness Mark was willing to help!

Now let's see how long it lasts!


  1. Looks like a non-car garage to me! Well done though - and it's been hot today too.

  2. Ok now I am not sure what to do, Was your blog a word from God for me ? I dare not put a before photo of my garage on here it would be censored as unsuitable for family viewing. I need a kick up the you know what.