Sunday 4 April 2010

A tale of the unexpected

Of course they didn't believe the women! Well, be honest, would you have? With their own eyes, they'd seen Jesus crucified and laid out in a tomb. The Romans said he was dead and they'd even stabbed him to make sure. They didn't get something like that wrong! Too much experience!

So, of course he couldn't be alive. There were lots of other explanations for what the women said they had seen; the favourite of which was wishful thinking! It's amazing how powerfully you can imagine something if you want it badly enough. And after all, they were women!

It's amazing what short memories the disciples had. After all, it was only a little while since the whole incident with Lazerus. You'd have thought there might have been a bit of a clue there! But, maybe they didn't want to believe it. If they didn't allow themselves to hope, they wouldn't be opening themselves up to crushing disappointment. Oh no; safer to be a sceptic. And after all, they were men!

But then, suddenly, there he was, walking among them in the upstairs room, and now no-one could deny it; not even Thomas, once he'd spoken to Jesus face to face. And then there were those two on the Emmaus road. And the soldiers who had been guarding the tomb had to be bribed by the High Priests and elders because the rumours were starting; there was a definite need for a bit of Pharisaic spin, first century style.

So the news began to spread; Jesus is not dead. He has come back to life. He is risen. And what had seemed like the end of all their hopes and dreams, longings and expectations, suddenly became a new and better beginning, in a way most unlooked for.

The cross was empty, and so was the tomb.

Easter Sunday

the day when Christians around the world celebrate the risen Christ and proclaim him Lord of all.

Alleluia. Christ is risen!...

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