Saturday 16 July 2011

Cliffhanger 2

Six men and six women competed in the IFSC Bouldering World Cup finals. The climbers were kept in isolation until called up to tackle their problems. Once up, each climber had 4 minutes to complete the route. Scoring was judged on the number of attempts made; the touching of the hold marked with blue tape and the successful completion of the route. In total, there were 4 male problems (M 1 - 4) and 4 female (F 1 - 4), the climbers being called out in mixed pairs to tackle the assigned routes.

Russian Alexey Rubtsov is the current world champion and a particularly graceful climber!

American Alex Puccio.

German Juliane Wurm.

A dynamic route, from Kilian Fischhuber of Austria.

As you can hear, it was not a quiet competition!

(I took loads more videos, but the problems were difficult and this was the only time that my videoing co-incided with the completion of a route!)

And the winners

M E N bouldering complete result

1. Fischhuber Kilian AUT

2. Lachat Cédric SUI

3. Rubtsov Alexey RUS

4. Woods Daniel USA

5. Caleyron Thomas FRA

6. de Leeuw Nicky NED

W O M E N bouldering complete result

1. Noguchi Akiyo JPN

2. Le Neve Melissa FRA

3. Puccio Alex USA

4. Wurm Juliane GER

5. Saurwein Katharina AUT

6. Stöhr Anna AUT


  1. Very good report. Like the British Open Golf, "Where are all the Englishmen??"

  2. As M&H have already stated...good report!

  3. None of the GB competitors made it through to the last 6 this time, but Dianne Merrick was 7th for the ladies and Ned Feehally was 7th for the men. Three other competitors also finished in the top ten, meaning that GB won 3rd place overall in the team competition.