Thursday 14 July 2011

Matlock Bath

My personal challenge for this round of Miss Jenny Matlock's alphabe-Thursday is to post about a location within the borders of my own county of Derbyshire, UK, for each letter of the alphabet.

Look for the letter, to see where I am.

M is for Matlock Bath (Yes! Really!).


Matlock Bath became noticed in Victorian times, when the spa water was discovered and 'well to do' Victorian ladies and gentlemen would come to 'take the waters'. Since that time, it has remained popular and a number of attractions exist within the village, to draw in the crowds.

On the north edge of the village are The Heights of Abraham, accessed by the ever popular cable car. A good head for heights is needed as the car rises and the land suddenly drops away to the river.

The village is built along the bottom of the steep sided River Derwent gorge. Here, there is white water to draw in the kayakers.

Unlike many places in the UK, Matlock Bath managed to hang onto its railway line; avoiding the Beeching Axe!

Trains stop here on their way north, from Derby to the neighbouring town of Matlock (and vice versa).

But rail is not the only means of arrival. The main A6 runs through the gorge and Matlock Bath is incredibly popular with bikers (as you can see!). This is a common sight here.

Being a touristy destination, Matlock Bath has a range of shops from Games Arcades to Cafes to the Ice Cream Parlour, to the craft and souvenir shops and this Equatorial Fair Trade clothing and craft shop; sister to the one in Ashbourne.

Of course, there has to be a chippy!

But the pub is currently undergoing restoration. 'Re-opening soon; sorry for any inconvenience!' Do you notice the rather unusual name?

The pub is right opposite the fishpond!

Walking round the fishpond, you arrive at the Peak District Mining Museum, which tells the story of all of the different types of rock and mineral which have been mined from this area through history.
(The Romans used to mine for lead on the hill above my uncle's farm!)

More peacefully, at the southern end of the village are the pleasant riverside gardens, with the Bowling Club (Crown Green, not Ten Pin)...

...places to relax and enjoy the scenery...

...and the village bandstand.

Across the far side of the river is a footpath and from here, you can enjoy the illuminations which light up the river every autumn.

And a final look back to see one of the steep side roads climbing away from the busy-ness of the main road into the somewhat quieter residences perched along the sides of the gorge.


  1. Some people will do anything to be teacher's pet!...are you sure you didn't make this up?
    All kidding aside - I know someone how lives in the vicinity, so know that it is a real place - but still - you are definitely going to be in Miss Matlock's good books!

  2. I loved Matlock Bath - only there once, in 02, but remember it well. Saw the display in a shop window (?) where the minerals in the flowing water covered various items. Is my memory correct?

  3. Thank you so much for taking us along on a tour of Matlock Bath! I enjoyed it immensely. Your pictures are wonderful. It may be the only way I ever experience this wonderful place but you have sure put it on my list of travel.

  4. Didn't know that Jenny was the Princess of Matlock ! What a beautiful place !

  5. I think this has been my favorite stop on our tour! What a lovely old village...

  6. Oh, again I enjoyed tagging along with you on your lovely tour through Derbyshire. Matlock Bath has many charms, not least again the pub - pity it's closed. Your narrative and photos are a delight. Pondside and Gattina made me smile, too... Jenny will surely get a kick out of this. :-)

  7. I have been there a few times - but not for twenty year or more. I must go back (you should be able to claim sponsorship from the Derbyshire Tourist Board)

  8. Your post has reminded me of my childhood visits there for a walk and fish and chips and the lights in August! We pass through quite often between here and Chesterfield and often see all those bikes parked on the main street:)

  9. Now this is a pretty village!

  10. Mrs. Matlock will love this charming spot.

  11. What a clever post!! I'm sure the teacher will give you an A+++++ for this one!! Great photos!!

  12. it's so beautiful - I love the look of the countryside. There always seem to be streams built into the towns... of course here because of the Baths! {:-D

  13. Mmmmm... I can almost smell the fish & chips. Absolutely lovely.

  14. Yep. I, too, am thinking--a town named after our very own Jenny!
    Seriously, though, what intriguing photos! I loved the tour!

  15. What a clever & interesting post. Jen must be smiling!
    Thanks for the tour of a beautiful-looking area.
    The one thing I especially like about English streets is they all have street names you can see...not so here in the US.
    Lovely photos.

    Thanks for sharing.

    My entry is here:

  16. Oh, oh, OH!!!!

    I am so excited!

    My husband's ancestors are actually from here! He always says we will visit there one day! And it is soooo charming. Love, love, love the pictures.

    I'm sending Mr. Jenny this link as soon as I pop off here as well.

    I am just grinning like crazy here!

    What a fun, fun, fun stop this week.

    Hugs and...


  17. I told you that I love your Alphabet series, didn't I? These are gorgeous photos, and such a great looking area..

    How about that, Ms. Jenny is actually has some kind of a relationship here :-)

  18. I was wondering if Ms Jenny's ancestors were from here, then up there I read her comment. How very exciting for her. This is a beautiful, quaint looking place. Lovely pictures.