Sunday 24 July 2011

Taking the Aire

Approaching the bridge over the River Aire (after which the second part of 'Saltaire' was named), the Robert's Park cricket ground and Half Moon cafe come into view, beyond the sign for the Boathouse Inn (once actually a boathouse, now a pub).

While the view in the other direction looks over to a more energetic pass time; the ramps and half-pipes of the skateboard park


  1. Interesting sign showing a boat house. I am imagining sitting in the boat in the rain with a pint. I love the English you use. It is so original. I really think I should use the full form "Pass Time " in future. It is more expressive as well as more accurate! The time used whilst traveling through a Pass? Something to do with a bid at Bridge? A Bridge over the River Aire? Did you know Saltaire is made up of the two words etc etc? Nice picture of a weir, now that is a word I need to learn how to spell.

  2. Love your title, H as M&H have commented, you do have a wonderful way with words. The weather looked glorious while you were visiting Saltaire.

  3. An idyllic setting. I agree with everyone - a well composed posting!