Friday 29 July 2011


My personal challenge for this round of Miss Jenny Matlock's alphabe-Thursday is to post about a location within the borders of my own county of Derbyshire, UK, for each letter of the alphabet.

Look for the letter, to see where I am.

O is for Osmaston.


Osmaston is mentioned in the Domesday Book, under the name of Osmundestone. At the time it had a population of around 60 - 80 people. Thatched roofs are rare in Derbyshire, but Osmaston is the archetypal English village with thatched roofed cottages and a village pond.

Alongside the pond is the entrance to the Osmaston Estate.The original manor house within the estate was constructed in 1849, but demolished in 1964. In 1988, the land was sold to the family of Sir Ian Walker and the Walker-Okeovers still own the estate today.

The gatehouse to the estate. (I like this house. It is so sturdy and well proportioned.)

There are several examples of thatched cottages in the village, including these two, which are the oldest cottages in the village.

I love the tall chimneys on this one!

Even without thatched roofs, these cottages have appeal!

The local pub is called 'The Shoulder of Mutton' and, on four days a week, the village Post Office operates out of one of its outbuildings.

St Martin's parish church was built in 1845, but the original wickerwork construction dated back to 1606.

And close by is the CE voluntary controlled Primary School.

What do you think? Would you like to live here?


  1. It looks really attractive from your lovely photos.

  2. What beautiful rooflines and architectural embellishments

  3. It looks like the setting for a Miss Marple episode! I think I'd like to live here for a little while.

  4. I'd visit! What I enjoyed most was the variety of chimneys. Caught my eye immediately. Lovely little town.

  5. So pretty! Your beautiful photos make me want to come and visit! Love the old houses with thatched roofs as well as that gate house, that also looks very fine.
    I am very late in posting my O, but here is a direct link to it.

    Best wishes,
    Anna's Alphabe-Thursday Rd 3 - C

  6. I so enjoyed my visit through Osmaston! What an utterly charming place! I don't know what it is I find so appealing about thatched roofs. I like the tropical version, as well. And those design details on the roof, how great! But cottage, you say?! One there looks like a mansion! The detail on the clock is wonderful too. I would very much like to visit Osmaston; but live? Hmmm... a little small for me, me thinks. Wonderful post, H!

  7. I love the thatched roof cottages. They're so beautiful and so very unique because of the materials they use for the roof. And those chimneys are beautiful too! Wow, 4 chimneys in that one cottage...I don't think I've seen so many in one place before :)

  8. It is a very pretty village and reminds me a little of Snelston which is close to Ashbourne. I'd like to holiday there perhaps but not live there permanently - I like to be closer to a few facilities, especially in the winter:)

  9. I love travelling round Derbyshire on the Thursday "H's (Virtual) Tour Bus".

    The triple window arches in the picture remind me so much of the ones at the ruins of Erwood Hall which you blogged about a while ago.

    Maybe one day I'll get on the real tour bus =D

  10. What a beautifully charming post!

    Those arched windows and gatehouse are absolutely outstanding.

    And the countryside around those thatched cottage...just so verdant and perfect!

    I'm really enjoying this tour! I feel like I'm getting to know your countryside...and falling in love with it even more each week.

    Thank you!

    Hugs and...


  11. Your photos are beautiful. I love the thatched roofs and tall chimneys. Definitely don't see those in the States. I agree with Pondside, reminds me of Miss Marple (which I love to watch). Not too sure about living there though.

    Wonderful tour. Can't wait for the next stop!

    I'm here:
    On This Orange-Hued Day

  12. I am always 'bowled over' by the charm and beauty of England's countryside and villages. Yes! Yes! I would like to live here. I would be so content to stay near home, and sew, read, garden, and write. Thank you for sharing!

  13. It is a lovely village. I could happily occupy one of those gorgeous cottages!