Tuesday 19 October 2010


My neighbour has a small line of beech trees. Too close to his house really, they block the light from the windows and he is talking of having them pollarded. I'm pleased that his thoughts are of reduction, rather than destruction, because they are beautiful trees.

'Beautiful' at any time of year, but glorious now as the leaves cycle through pale green to yellow to rich golden brown.

And, meanwhile, my forsythia is rapidly turning towards deep burgundy.

I'm torn. I love to see the changing colours, but I'm missing the long warm days of summer already. Winter does seem like a season of virtually continuous hard slog and autumn is her prelude!

I seem to be in the minority though. Most of the posts and comments I am reading are saying how much people love autumn. What about you?


  1. Colors are nice; cold temps not so much. If we could skip winter altogether, I'd be in heaven.

  2. I'm always sad at the end of summer and I dislike the darkening evenings. Having said that I love the colours of autumn and walking at this time of year. My worst months are January and February when there seems no end to winter:)