Saturday 30 October 2010

Habitats and a hide

As part of the construction of Carsington Water, Severn Trent made full provision for the protection and development of wildlife habitats.

According to the Reservoir website, there have been over 215 species of bird recorded visiting the site and 30 species of mammal, including
Harvest Mice, Water Shrew, Water Vole, Red Deer, Whiskered Bat and evidence of visiting Otters.

Bat and bird boxes abound...

and all around the Water, Rangers have developed reed beds, wildflower meadows, hedgerows, ponds, woodlands and other habitits specifically designed to attract and provide homes for British wildlife.

In order to educate and involve visitors in conservation, there are information noticeboards around the paths, identifying native species and the habitats they prefer. There is also a Wildlife Centre constructed of wood and held together entirely by the weight of the turf roof; not a nail or bolt in sight. To supplement this, there are hides for watching birds.

By the time we reached this one, the afternoon was passing by and everywhere had become quiet. We spent a very peaceful half hour watching a selection of ducks, geese, cormorants and lapwings while drinking coffee and munching Jelly Babies.

Normally, the water level is higher and laps almost up to the hide, but the early summer was very dry this year and the Reservoir is still recovering.

The windows open, so we were able to look down the Water and enjoy the changing light.

It was very peaceful.


  1. Goodnes how many bats live here

  2. What a wonderful place. I wish there were structures like that over here - we seem to be stuck at constructing lay-by's at the sides of roads that bisect wetlands. So one drives up, scares the waterfowl and then sits to see nothing. I love the idea of a specially built hide.

  3. It looks so lovely and tranquil over the water in the changing light - super photos:)

  4. I can think of little more pleasant than sitting in a hide quietly watching the wildlife. Incidentally, I saw a kingfisher today, on the river quite near the centre of Saltaire. Didn't get a photo, sadly.

  5. Quite beautiful. What a lovely way to spend the day.

  6. It must be very beautiful at this time of the year to watch wild life. Gorgeous photos!