Friday 22 October 2010


Nemesis: An opponent that cannot be beaten or overcome

Meet Nemesis, Air's alien companion, lying in a lake of blood, contorted in torturous twists of torment... and watching you!

Nemesis is one of my favourite rides at Alton Towers, for the speed, the tight twists and turns, the plunges down into the semi darkness of the pits and for the freedom of having no floor. And the best seat of all is front row, left end (just in case you ever come when it's quiet!).

A few facts about Nemesis...

The ride was unveiled on 19th March 1994, having been cloaked in secrecy up until that point. It's project name was Secret Weapon 3!

Design and manufacture was down to the same partnership who later produced Air, but it came in cheaper at a mere £10 million (though, being eight years earlier...). The track length is 716 metres and the highest drop 13 metres. Top speed reached is 50mph and the maximum G force is 4G. The ride lasts 1 minute 30 seconds including loading; which makes the ride itself a minute at best!

But, what a minute!!


  1. We live not far from Alton Towers but have never been inside. When we walk at Dimmingsdale or along the old railway track between Oakamoor and Alton village you can sometimes hear the 'roar of the crowd' and the clatter of the rides - it must be overwhelming to be on site. I think your photos are wonderful and the nearest I'll probably ever get to seeing the rides:)

  2. hubby is gearing up for his rides next week with 40 teenagers!!!!