Thursday 14 October 2010

Diamonds in the world of dreams

With Autumn morning comes the mist; pale grey swirls of dampness, settling into hollows, making the ordinary seem strange and eerie; a muted world of dreams and mystery.

And within the world of dreams are diamonds; woven strings of diamonds, delicate tracery draped in intricate patterns, intertwined and interlinked - Crystalline!

And amongst her woven diamonds, lurks the predator!

Dew laden and deadly,
The attercob's web in the early light.

(ATTERCOB, a spider ; from ATER, blood, and COB, a tyrant. Attercob is also used for a cobweb:
some interpret it the poisonous tyrant, from ATER, virus.)

If you still have the strength, weave your way over to Jenny's to see what other D posts are lying in wait!


  1. The huge spider is not my cup of tea. I do love seeing the beautiful weavings he does.

  2. The first few were gorgeous. Coulda lived without having seen the last 3 up close. Eek!

  3. The cobwebs are gorgeous and very artistic on photos !! not in my face and honnestly I find spiders disgusting...

  4. I don't mind spiders as long as they don't spin a web where I am walking. I love your photos!

  5. i love those webs ...but why do spiders have to be so darn creepy looking?

  6. These are cool!
    love the spider webs in your images,
    so elegant and beautiful!

  7. I love learning new stuff and new words! Thanks for this!

  8. yep it's that time of the year - spiders everywhere!! lovely photos... thanks too for telling me about my link not too sure what happened there!!! so have redone it..Judith (Precious Moments)

  9. Me, again! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my Keats post. Warm up the car? It was 93 degrees F here today!!

  10. oh that is a cool post, your photos are so well done

  11. Loved the spider web pictures.

    The spider picture made me want to fumigate my house, though...cuz, yea...I am a spider wuss!

    What a fun and different link to Alphabe-Thursday!

    Loved how to wove a tangled web and didn't deceive us at all.

    Thanks for linking.