Sunday 10 October 2010

Country 'cottage'

Whilst I wouldn't actually like to live here (because it's in the bottom of a valley, rather than on a hill), I did look at this house with rather a lot of envy as we walked past. It's a gorgeous mixture of traditional stone cottage and sympathetic extension and is obviously very well cared for, with its weedless flower garden, neat dry stone walls and smart front door. It was also sending out the most gorgeous smell of woodsmoke; a smell which immediately transports me back to days of my childhood.


  1. Me too - I'd be there in a flash.
    What a beautiful place - it looks like a movie set.

  2. What a beautiful house - love the soft grey stone and the dry stone walls - it all looks rather wonderful - wonder what the inside is like?:)

  3. It is a charming house and I could see myself living in it. I also love the smell of wood smoke. My grand mother had a wood stove in her kitchen and she baked the most wonderful foods in it.